Owl Drawing

marker, pen, colored pencil, charcoal

Copyright Natasha Smith 2012



pitchfork best albums from 1996-2011 personal list

Natasha's personal top albums from 1996-2011 This was incredibly hard and everything after the top 20 is not in any sort of order. My brain was overloaded. I'm sure I forgot SO many albums.


This is my new favorite thing to ponder Cabin Time


Photoshop experiments

I have been pulling from older photographs to try some techniques out in photoshop. I am trying to find an aesthetic that I like for portraiture.


This is what I have been doing now that I work part-time


Another shoot with a skull and some gummies

All images copyright Natasha Smith 2011


Inspired by another found imagery blog, I started my own to keep images I like.



In progress! More photographing and editing to be done.

Copyright Natasha Smith 2011


From my brother

Copyright James Smith


Genius brother

Threadless T-shirt design

Copyright James Smith 2011

Copyright Natasha Smith

And then this was on NPR this morning!

Sugar Cravings might be biological


Still life with donuts and sugary things

All Images Copyright Natasha Smith 2011

More images on my flickr page!


Greetings From Somewhere Else 4 x 6 postcards for Sale!

I love sending people things in the mail. You love sending people things in the mail. Send some love!

-postcards are 4 x 6 printed on sturdy cardstock postcard material
-the front has a glossy finish
-the back has a lustre-y type finish for easy writing
-they have rounded corners, which in postcard land, is classy and fancy.
-colors look differently on different monitors. This image is a little darker in print. The yellow in print is actually a light green.

For sale via my etsy account!

Check it:


postal service presents

I make a lot of postcards and I need people to send them to. I promise I'm no creep. I love sending mail and you love getting mail.

Please email me at natashalynnsmith@gmail.com with your address if you would like to receive postal service presents.


Music blog

Kosbob has a great blog/tumblr about music and everything else.



check it


James Smith (little brother) website

Appendix. 2011. for Threadless by James Smith
Copyright James Smith


Check it. My little bro is a great artist.


I printed images and now they are for sale

5x7 = $10.00
8x10= $15.00

Photos are printed on Kodak Professional Lustre Paper.

I put a few images up on Etsy , so please check out my store!

Shipping costs around $3.00, or you can pick up directly in Philadelphia, PA.



Piano, again.

Copyright Natasha Smith


Sibling Art Exchange #3 May

From Natasha to James

Brother is in England has not sent art or postcard.


Reposting of this image.

It took me a year, but I think I might like this image now and appreciate what I did get out of this shoot.

copyright natasha smith


birthday card from a pre schooler/ too big to scan whole

Our class now has 3 baby rats, which I carry around on my shoulders throughout the day. Rat inspired card.


Photoshoot today with Jon Watts and his Violinist Marina. More photos to appear, but for now I like this one that I accidentally took because my flash did not go off.


Sibling Art Exchange (Installation 1) March 2011

My brother and I live 10 minutes away from each other via the train. Somehow we are consumed with our lives and rarely make time to see one another. I hope that us making art for each other will evolve into us making more time in our schedules to spend time together. Each piece is due at the end of each month!

For James:

For Natasha: